Steel industry

Manufacture of steel equipment with its own technical characteristics corresponds to difficult working conditions in the steel plant. Our knowledge of materials, technologies, steel production processes and appropriate production capacities enables us to produce various types of equipment for steel plants. STIECO. manufacture a wide range of equipment, machines, or complete production lines for production processes in rolling mills(hot and cold), including transport, straightening, coiling, cutting, packing and storing equipment’s. STIECO. manufacture equipment’s for forging plants which deliver long lasting performance and application without failure.Our high experience in mechanics and metallurgy ,able us to satisfy high customer demands. STIECO. also manufacture high quality parts and sub-assemblies for processing equipment including:

-Coilers/uncoilers parts

-large cast, welded or forged bearing housings, which are primarily used in hot and cold rolling mills.

-Special hydraulic cylinders and cylinder parts.

-Wide range of Welded, Machined and casting parts according order.

-Rollers, running wheels and transport rolls for different conveying systems used in hot and cold rolling mills, forging shops and other workshops,

-Running wheels of different dimensions for all kinds of running cranes.

-Roller tables for various transport systems in hot and cold rolling mills, forging shops, finishing shops.

-Usage parts for all kinds of forging hammers which are made in accordance to customer documentation.

-Spare parts for equipment for hot and cold rolling mills in accordance to customer documentation.

-Re manufacturing of old rolls into suitable dimensions to get new rolls for much lower cost.