With the rapid changes in the mining industry, there is a real need to be more productive in order to improve the return on investment.

STIECO is a mining and management consulting company providing strategic mining services and advice to companies in the international mining industry. We have experience in most mineral commodities. The diversity of our services provides successful solutions for our clients? needs and ensures an innovative approach to all our projects.

STIECO Mining services team provides effective expert evaluation, planning, review, development advice and solutions for surface and underground mines. We have experience across a wide spectrum of mineral commodities and diverse physical environments, delivering practical results with technical excellence. We identify and investigate appropriate concepts for project development and support our clients at every stage of the mining cycle.

STIECO also provide mining-related corporate advice, including expert valuation and independent reporting, to groups seeking to assess the value, options and risks associated with their resource investment opportunities. We advise large and small mining companies, investment banks, financial and legal services groups and private investors. We provide advice in all practice areas on mining, development, evaluation and exploration projects.

STIECO is backed by a specialist team of mining experts, who deliver independent advice and solutions to clients worldwide.Our expert team is backed by decades of senior level experience . We draw on this experience and knowledge to add value to your mining project .

STIECO team is comprised of consultants with skills across a broad range of disciplines. Our team has technical expertise in all major mineral commodities. Our pool of talent includes full-time and part-time personnel, contractors and associates who flexibly adapt to the mining market and our customers? requirements.

STIECO delivers mining equipment training that addresses productivity techniques; safe procedures; methods for determining if equipment is producing optimally; and much more. We provides customized training programs that can be specific to your equipment.
STIECO equipment consulting services are performed by highly experienced and professional consultants with collective industry knowledge.

We maintain close relationships with leading manufacturers and equipment suppliers, keeping close tabs on developments in the equipment industry.

We work with you in order to ensure that the policies and procedures that are applicable to your operation are being met.