About Us:

In 2005, the founders of STIECO, who had extensive experience in managing Oil, Mining, Steel, & automobile industries, decided to establish a holding company to respond to the related industries requirement. Following the idea and to fulfill this vision, with a vast amount of research and development, an expert technical and managing team was created in late 2005 and STIECO started its operation in early 2006.

Our People:

Our Service Network is made of wide range of individual experts and companies that support our project. The resources were hand selected wisely and are organized by their level of ability, capability, performance and capacity. Our teams provide a full suite of engineering services including conceptual and feasibility studies and front-end engineering design (FEED) through to detailed design for all facilities. We take utmost pride in our people and recognize their value in our continued professional development and growing profile in the heavy equipment operator and safety training industry. They’re one major reason why STIECO is unique.

Our Expertise:

Engineering expertise is at the heart of everything we do. STIECO is an international service provider to the oil, gas, mining and automobile industries. We design, build, operate and maintain facilities, with a reputation for commitment, delivery and operational excellence. We respond to numerous needs of our clients; helping them to transform the value of their assets across the industries life cycle.

Our Client Services:

Our success rests on building trusted, long-term client relationships, and our focus remains on delivering first class project execution, cost control and effective risk management, building on our track record in markets to win new business and strengthen our position. We provide our clients with a range of services and capabilities that are recognized as consistently high quality. We do this through a range of innovative models which allow us to tailor our services to the needs of each client.

Our Mission:

We believe the technology, information, and relevant experience are valuable assets. We employ them in all of our chicaneries and equipment systems. From the moment we bid on a project, the discipline begins. We identify risks from the outset, ensure a clear understanding of project complexity, and maintain our risk management rigor each step of the way. For us, operational excellence is about constantly questioning what we do, and how we do it, in order to drive continuous improvement and maintain our competitive edge. In particular, our engineers have found new ways to take cost and complexity out of our projects resulting in added value.
We work to ensure the approach we adopt aligns with strategic outcomes for your project. As a result, you receive the finest professional technical information you need.


– International market attendance.

– Participation with international reliable companies.

Visions :

-First choice of local employers.

-Most successful Iranian company in export of best products and  engineering services